Is it possible to automate your prospecting on LinkedIn with a bot?

Yes, you can send thousands of highly targeted and personalized messages on linkedin using the Linkhelp extension.

How much does it cost to use an automation bot?

Linkhelp is free for 3 days… Then you pay 14€ to automate as many messages as you want.

What’s the point of canvassing on Linkedin?

You can sell products or services easily, find a job or an internship, expand your network. The possibilities are limitless

Automation and canvassing, how to make the two rhyme on LinkedIn?

Hello everyone in this article I will give you some tips to automate your prospecting on linkedin and thus save precious time. You know as well as I do that finding new customers takes a lot of time, so I hope that these few tips that I’m going to give you will allow you to drastically improve your prospecting on social networks such as Linkedin.

Prospecting, a tedious task…

In order to reach more profiles that you have targeted, it is strongly recommended to send them a personalized message based on their first name or field of activity for example, this will create a direct link with the prospect and you will have a better chance of converting them into customers.

However, this task takes a lot of time to do manually, so it is recommended to use automation software to do this. Let me explain how to do this.

Is it possible to automate the process?

It is indeed possible to automate the sending of personalized messages thanks to an automation software. I would like to tell you about an extension that I regularly use to automate the whole of my linkedin profile with ease. The solution is called LinkHelp, let me introduce it to you.

The magic of the LinkHelp extension

Thanks to this extension you can easily automate the sending of hundreds of messages per day or the sending of invitations to quality contacts, you will also be able to retrieve many very important data, such as the email address for example, which can then be used for your marketing campaigns. (Note that the email address is one of the most important data when you have an activity).

A) Envoyez des centaines de messages ciblés par jour à vos prospects.

First of all, thanks to LinkHelp’s “send messages” feature, you will be able to set up a standard message that will be automatically modified for each profile according to, for example :

  • Name
  • From the first name
  • Of a specific title
  • Or a company

This feature will allow you to send more than a hundred messages per day to ultra-targeted profiles, which the extension will have selected according to keywords, field of activity, sector (city / country / …) as well as many other parameters that you will have predefined in advance. The thing I like a lot with this extension is the easy way to set up the profile search. Everything is very intuitive with a clean design.

B) Automate the invitation of qualified contacts.

You will also be able to automate qualified profile invitations, always according to parameters that you can customize very easily, this will for sure allow you to build a quality professional network according to the sector(s) of activity/keywords/… that you will have chosen beforehand.

C) Extract data from your contacts.

It is also possible to retrieve valuable information about the profiles of your relationships. In addition, you will be able to collect information such as email address, profile contact information, phone numbers, companies, etc… All of this on highly targeted profiles according to your settings. What better way to plan a future advertising campaign for example?

bot prospecting linkedin

In short, it is nowadays very easy to automate your linkedin profile thanks to an extension. Personally, I mainly use LinkHelp because it is the most complete and functional solution I know to date. Whether you are a professional, employee, student, trainee or looking for a job, this extension will be able to meet all your automation needs in no time, to facilitate your message sending or to build a quality professional network.

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