Hello everyone, we meet in this article to explain in detail the use of the many features present on the extension of help to automate the LinkedIn professional social network called LinkHelp.

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Why is automating Linkedin a good thing?

Automating your social network saves 10x more time. Allows you to waste less time on repetitive tasks and to grow. Linkedin automation means you don’t have to pay an employee for tasks that the LinkHelp robot can do faster.

Who automates his Linkedin account?

Marketers, community managers, social media managers, SEO and all entrepreneurs who want to grow their brand or business can automate their social network.

What can I do by automating my LinkedIn account?

You can simply send hundreds of targeted and personalized messages to your prospects per day. You can add hundreds of new connections to your network to become an influencer on Linkedin in just 2 months.
You can set up a powerful auto-responder.
You can congratulate and recommend your contacts to grow your network.
You can automate sales and marketing. Prospecting and promotion are the key words.

Logo linkhelp

Who has never dreamt of automating their actions with one click.

No more repetitive tasks and other marketing problems.

Let’s start with the feature that allows you to add ultra-targeted connections to your network:

Automate the addition of targeted connections to grow your network

LinkHelp gives you the opportunity to target the addition of connections to expand your network exponentially.

This feature has several customizable sections to refine your searches in a very precise way.

How do I use the Add Connections feature?

add connections settings

The [Search] section will allow you to enter keywords that will be typed in the main search bar of linkedin, it is through this section that the search will be carried out.

If I’m looking for profiles related to digital marketing, this is the box I have to fill in so that the extension can find profiles related to the requested search.

The [connections] column will allow you to choose whether the extension should perform the search based on your second or third degree of connection. That is to say the profiles of your current connections. It is preferable to check both options for a more relevant and complete result.

search keywords linkedin

Thanks to the [Keywords] feature you can refine your search a little more by using the [Keywords] function:

  • a first name,
  • a name,
  • a title,
  • of a company,
  • from a school.

The [Connections of] section will allow you to base your search on one or more profiles present in your connections, i.e. the extension will search to add profiles already connected to one of the connections of your choice present in your network.

You will be able to add profiles based on a specific location such as a country or a city thanks to the [Locations] section. You have the possibility to select more than one. (Example: Paris, Italy, New York, …)

targeted automation with area

The [Current companies] and [Past companies] features will allow you to base your search on a company where the profiles have worked or are currently working.

The [Industries] section will allow you to define a particular sector of activity in which the extension will add profiles. For example, if I want to add profiles working in the field of finance then I select in this section the field of activity “financial services”, so all the added profiles will be related to this sector of activity.

industry name and services

Using the [Profile Language] section you can also set the profile search to one or more specific languages, for example: “english” and “french”. The extension will then add profiles only in English and French.

With the [Exclude Keywords] function you can set keywords that, if they are detected in one of the profiles, then the extension will decide not to send the invitation.

In the [Keywords for Connecting] section, if you decide to write a specific term or word, then the extension will only add profiles that have this/these term(s) in their profile title or presentation.

You also have the option to include a custom message that automatically adapts to the first and last name of each profile to which the request is sent. This is a very useful feature if you want to show your interest in their profile(s) or if you want to inform them of the arrival of a new product line for example.

send private text messages

You can connect with users who liked or commented on a post, article or video. To do so, simply check one of these 3 options and indicate the ID of the post in question.

(Example ID: 662618553096251840)

If you don’t want to connect with users who liked or commented on a post, then put this setting at “none”.

settings linkhelp

The “start position” option corresponds to the position of the profile from which the extension will add connections.

If you leave “0” then the extension will add new connections from the first profile found in the search results.

The “total” option corresponds to the total number of invitations sent, if you have a free LinkedIn account you will only be able to add 100 invitations per day, for premium LinkedIn accounts the total number of possible invitations is 400 per day.

start position on linkedin extension

Send a personalized message to all your connections automatically

This feature allows you to send a personalized message to each member of your LinkedIn network, based on their first and last name, you also have the possibility to add an image or a file. This feature can be very useful if you are looking for an internship, a job or if you want to promote a product or service. No more hassles and messages to be sent one by one by hand. Say hello to simplicity and speed.

targeted messages on linkedin

You can create a campaign with several members of your network inside, LinkHelp allows you to exclude members from your previous campaigns or exclude individual profiles if you don’t want a profile to receive the message of the new campaign. In addition, you can import a file or an image and activate a notification in the [view profile] section that profiles will receive a notification that you have viewed their profiles, this can help to show your interest in these profiles.

Send personalized targeted messages to the right people in your network

This feature will allow you to send messages to highly targeted profiles based on detailed and precise personalization criteria. Let’s see together how to set up the sending of messages to targeted profiles. These are the same personalization criteria as in the other LinkHelp extension features.

envoyez des messages ciblés

This feature is a mix between the 2 previous ones, you can create or choose an already existing campaign, you just have to write a message that automatically adapts itself during the sending, according to each profile to which it is sent.

You can use the following scripts for message personalization :

mass sending mesages script

  • @name
  • @firstName
  • @lastName

The targeting parameters remain the same as for the previous features, namely :

  • The profile language
  • Keywords that will be used to send messages to profiles
  • Search from the profile of one of your current connections
  • From a specific location (Country/City/Region…)
  • One or more of the companies in which the profiles sought have worked or are currently working
  • A sector of activity / an industry
  • A school(s)

filter for targeting

You can link a file or an image to your message. You can also click on the “view profile” box to activate a profile view notification.

add attachment file

This can allow you to quickly send mass messages to targeted profiles based on what you are looking for. This feature is very handy if you are looking for a job or an internship. You can also canvass new prospects if you are selling or marketing a product or service. This feature has great marketing benefits.

Send greetings / congratulate the birthdays of your linkedin connections

This part consists of three different features that will allow you to send greetings, congratulate profiles on obtaining a job, congratulate them on their seniority within a company or wish them a birthday.

wish happy birthday linkedin

The first feature [wish happy birthday] allows you to automatically wish the birthday of your contacts, the message and personalized automatically for each profile without you having to do anything.

send birthday greetings

  • The second feature [Send Work Anniversary Greeting] congratulates your contacts when they join a new position.
    → Use the @YearsAtCompany script which will be customized according to the number of years the profile has been with the company.
send work anniversary greetings

The last feature in this section allows you to congratulate a person on their new position within a company and wish them good luck. Again this allows you to show your interest in the profiles. This can only be beneficial for your network.

send new job greetings

Like or Add New connections / Aimer ou ajouter de nouvelles connexions

This feature allows you to interact with targeted people who have commented or published a LinkedIn post.

You will be able to target posts based on specific keywords and choose how and with whom you will interact and where you will connect.

like or add new connections

  • You can sort the posts according to how new they are by selecting the “recent” option,
  • If you only want the posts with the most interaction, just select the “top” option,
    Then select the keywords that will be used to search for linkedin posts in the [Posts Keywords] section. The LinkHelp extension will perform a search based on the keywords of your choice in the search bar in order to select several posts with which you will be able to interact afterwards…

The [Exclude Keywords] section also allows you to select keywords, if these keywords are in the body of one of the posts, then the extension does not select the post in question, this may allow you to filter a little better the posts you want to interact with.

Finally, with the [Keywords for connecting] section you can choose the words of your choice that will allow the Link Help extension to connect.

All these filters allow you to obtain a precise search result according to the subject(s) you have chosen. It is preferable to fill in all these fields to obtain quality posts related to your keywords.

You always have the possibility to send a personalized message to each profile, this is proof of your interest in them. You will get answers for sure.

include a personal message

Finally, it’s in the second part of this feature that you will be able to customize, from a quantitative point of view, the connection request sending / The number of posts and comments you want LinkHelp to like. To do this you just have to check the different actions that the extension will perform based on the parameters configured previously.

Then click “Start” to start interacting with the users and the posts in question. You are free to choose the different settings you want.

total settings for the automation process

Same as with the settings available on the other features, you can automate the fact of following different profiles well targeted according to precise and detailed selection criteria, let me present you the functionality :

Follow connections

linkhelp - follow connections

Thanks to the “Follow Connections” feature you will be able to follow well-targeted LinkedIn profiles. This is a real proof of commitment to them, it proves that you are interested in their profile as well as the articles/posts/videos/etc… they share.

The same targeting parameters are found in the other features of the extension.

I’m now going to present you the functioning of 3 functionalities that allow you to manage your connections, invitations, etc…

Delete/Remove Linkedin connections

You can remove connections from your network with this feature. Simply set up the extension according to the profiles you want to remove. Then don’t forget to click on “I accept to remove my connections”, you can also block them after removing them. To do this, just click on “Block connections”.

block connections after removing

Accept invitations received on LinkedIn

This feature allows you to automatically accept all invitations received, which can be very useful if you are an influential or high-profile person.

accept received invitations

Delete sent invitations that are still pending

You probably know that linkedin can block your invitation mailings to other members if you have too many unaccepted invitations waiting. That’s why this feature exists, it allows you to remove unaccepted invitations. You also have the possibility to upload the data of each user who did not accept your invitation. The file is downloaded as a .CSV file that you can then open in Excel.

withdraw sent invitations

Extraction of ultra-targeted data on Linkedin (scraping emails and information about your prospects)

LinkHelp provides a feature that allows you to extract data and collect it in a CSV file. LinkHelp offers a dozen of filters to refine your search and extraction like a real laser.
This feature allows you to automate the acquisition of new emails, to be able to cold-email, to collect information about your connections and their companies.

Here is how to use the Linkedin scrapper:

This video tutorial will help you to set up the Linkhelp automation extension :


1- Go to Linkedin with the Link Help extension.

dazshboard automations linkhelp

Launch linkedin with the LinkHelp extension, then click on “Get connections infos”, which means: “Get information about your connections.”
It is this feature that will allow you to retrieve the names, first names, emails, companies of your relations, contacts.

2- Open the feature to extract emails on linkedin

Link help filters

Now we can start setting up our Linkedin data scrapper…
In the “Search” box you can enter the search keyword you want to search for to refine the targeting. e.g. “Community manager”.

Then you can choose to further refine by choosing for example which connection level you want to extract (1st, 2nd or 3rd). This corresponds to the degree of connection. (You’ll get more people if you select 3rd).

Get connections information

Then comes the time to filter further by keywords, you can choose a specific keyword in the title and then in the profile title of the people you want to extract. (ex: I only want people named John)

scrapping email

You can then choose which profiles are related to a specific person or persons. (in the “connection of” section)

(ex: I only want people who are connected to Bill Gates on Linkedin)

connections of term

In the “Location” section (=Location in English), you will be able to target only people living or working in a specific city, region or country.

(ex: I only want people who live in California)

filter target by country

By clicking on “current company” we will be able to select prospects currently working in a specific company (e.g. I brand Apple, if I only want people working at Apple).

“Past companies” means that you will be able to simply add people who have already worked in a company, but no longer work there. (ex: in an interview, I want to contact people who have already worked at Amazon but no longer work there).

target with industry and companies

By selecting “Industries” I can choose the sector of activity of my target.

(ex: I wish to target people working in the software industry)

“School” will allow you to find people who have been or are in a specific school (ex: I want to contact students from school 42 or I want to find friends who have been in a certain university).


“Profile language” is simply the language of the profile.

“Start position” 0 means that the extraction will start from the first search result, taking into account the application of all previous filters. I recommend leaving it at 0.

“Total” is the number of people you want to extract.

“Delay” is the delay the bot will wait before extracting and visiting a profile. Leave it at 60.

profil language on Linkedin

Remember to uncheck “get all connections” otherwise the bot will not take into account your previous filters during extraction. If you check this box the bot will extract all your connections.

Click on “get users companies contact details” if you also want to get the emails, phone numbers of the companies of your connections. This is a setting that is great from a B2B perspective.

last setting

You are ready to start the automation!

The LinkHelp extension will start extracting your ultra-targeted connections by clicking on “GET”.
Then… to download your excel document in CSV format you just have to click on the download button.

launch the bot

Why scrape data off Linkedin?

Linkedin is a professional social network with more than half a billion users worldwide. Being present and influential on this social network is a vital issue for digital companies today.

Here are a few examples that will show you why automating data extraction on LinkedIn can be beneficial for your business…

1- Automate the sale

You need to understand who your potential customers are in the first instance. For example, you sell services through natural search engine optimization.

Your customers are local businesses and web agencies.

To be able to collect emails from these web agencies I will set the LinkHelp bot on the keyword web agency, in France, in 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees of connection. Then I will extract their emails and phone numbers to prospect them.

2- Automate Outreach and Outsourcing

To get backlinks or contact influencers you will need to outreach, which means, seek and reach.

As far as outsourcing is concerned, you will try to find highly qualified service providers or experts in a specific task that you will use to help you grow your business.

  • Example 1: You are an SEO agency and you need to find blogs or sites in your theme to buy a backlink or a guest article to boost your rank on Google. You just have to extract emails from people with a website in your theme and send them an offer by email.
  • Example 2: You are a web agency and you need to find highly skilled coders, or web editors for a fair price. You simply need to target by keyword and then launch your extraction and contact these providers with a single email.

3- Interview people to expand your network and credibility

An interesting growth hack consists in contacting a large number of people in your theme who have a website and offering them video or written interviews for your blog.

People who feel flattered are usually in phase to accept this request.

You just need to post this interview on your blog, and of course the interviewee will make a backlink and the shares on social networks will flow to your site.
LinkHelp will help you extract the emails of all the people you want to interview.

Linkedin Auto-responder: Set up Auto-Responses

This feature will allow you to automate automatic replies when you receive messages on your profile. You can set up as many auto-replies as you want, you only need to predefine words and if these words are detected in the message body then the auto-reply based on that word will be sent.

Here’s an article if you want to delve deeper into the issue of automated replies: https://linkhelp.io/2020/04/27/send-automated-invites-linkedin/

The link-help auto-reply feature comes in this form :

auto respond

Just click on the + to create your own automatic reply to the messages you receive.

screen shot

Once you are in message customization, the extension appears in this form. You have two sections to fill in the first one being the keywords you want to detect in the body of the received message, in this case for the example above it is the term birthday in different languages.

The second section being the reply message that is sent automatically if the extension detects one of the words in the list above.

You can add a file and a picture to the sent message and then just click on “update” to update the automatic reply.


You also have the possibility to set an auto-reply if you receive recommendations of your skills thanks to the “endorse-short-code”, i.e. if someone recommends your skills then an auto-reply message will be sent.

keywords section

The enhancement also gives you the option of recommending the person’s qualifications automatically. To enter a number of skills to recommend in the [Total skills to endorse] section.

For the last possibility of the automatic message feature, you can set a response when someone accepts an invitation.

send follow-up

Recommend and be automatically recommended by your connections

This feature will allow you to automatically recommend a person’s skills based on a specific target.

These are the same settings and parameters available in the other features of the extension, do a first targeting using a search and then define keywords and a specific industry or location, as usual you have many other targeting possibilities, then you just have to define the total number of skills you want to recommend and click on the [Endorse] button.

endorsement on linkedin

You can also recommend all your current connections by clicking on the “endorse all connections” button.

Vous l’aurez compris grâce à LinkHelp vous pourrez automatiser l’entièreté de votre réseau LinkedIn facilement. Que vous soyez étudiant, employé, entrepreneur ou encore la tête d’une entreprise. Cette solution est destinée à tous ! 

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