The limits of Linkedin

As you probably know, LinkedIn is the number 1 socio-professional platform in the world with many professionals using it in their work.

Linkedin collects and gathers a lot of data belonging to you such as your phone number or your email address.

These data are not accessible to all users however if you pay 50 € per month to access LinkedIn’s premium offer then you will be able to consult its data.

This is an offer that allows you to collect a lot of information but it is still very expensive, that’s why LinkHelp allows you to access this data easily.

Free access:

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You will be able to collect data from more than a hundred profiles per day such as: name, first name, email address, phone number, company information, skills and many other data very useful if you want to subsequently canvass its profiles.

However, the automation of such data has its limits, that’s why we will see in this article what they are about. We will start by seeing how the LinkedIn algorithm works to try to understand how it behaves.

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Here is the guide to automate your entire LinkedIn network, you will learn tips and tricks but also valuable advice on how to use LinkHelp in everyday life, thanks to this extension you will be able to boost your profile with quality connections, all very quickly:

How does the LinkedIn algorithm work?

First of all LinkedIn is a platform that allows you to connect with profiles in the professional fields of your choice.

LinkedIn tries to keep as many quality profiles with truthful information as possible in order to get the highest quality of information on its network.

First of all, you will have to fill in all the fields that LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to fill in, such as: a profile picture, your professional background, the schools you have attended, your skills, etc…

Once you have filled out all of these fields you can simply add new connections. Otherwise you will be very quickly limited Quentin will play new relationships.

Here is a list of factors that will have the biggest impact on the limits linkedin imposes on you:

  • The date of the profile creation
  • The number of connections
  • The number of comments and likes that you post / have posted
  • The time spent daily on the platform
  • Whether you have a paid subscription or not
  • The articles and posts you publish
  • Your audience’s commitment to these posts
  • The quality of your profile ( photo, information, skills, etc… )
  • Etc…

If you have a LinkedIn premium account then you will be able to send more than 400 login requests per day, you can also like more than 400 posts, send messages and see 400 new profiles per day, etc…

You will have understood that if you have a premium account then at night you will be 400 per day.

However if you have a free account then your limit will be 100 new connections per day…

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You can use this extension to improve your Marketing campaigns on LinkedIn very easily, it will allow you to make many sales and engage your prospects in conversation without wasting time. The ultimate goal is its speed and automatic use:

Limits that can block you

If you don’t respect the limits imposed by linkedin then your profile will be blocked in a very short time, for example if you have a normal account and you start adding more than 100 new connections per day then this feature will be blocked very quickly and you won’t be able to add new connections or view a new profile.

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How do you do it?

You will have understood that automating your LinkedIn account can be risky but thanks to LinkHelp you can easily manage the situation.

You probably know it but automating a LinkedIn account goes against the LinkedIn rules but it also involves a lot of stakes if you stay reasonable, then you will only get benefits.

Concerning automation the key word remains: always give priority to quality over quantity.

This way you will be able to increase exponentially (with all the cards in hand) your network in record time.

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Boosting your network with LinkedIn thanks to automation is more and more important, as you undoubtedly know, but in the coming years, not only company managers but also your employees will be all the more seduced by the quality of your network and the use you make of it and the image you convey on the platform. It is important to have a personal image, but also a strong brand image. This helps to increase the value of your profile.

You can find a lot of tutorials by following the links below:

To automate the sending of messages on LinkedIn with LinkHelp:

Find all the tutorials on the Youtube channel :

Are there any risks involved in automating Linkedin?

If the extension you are using applies filters that allow you to have full management of security settings then no, it does not involve any risk for your account.

What is the best extension for the security of my account?

The best known extension for security performance is called LinkHelp.
You will be able to automate your entire network with peace of mind and apply filters according to your LinkedIn account type ( free = 100 / premium = 400 ).

How do I apply filters for the security of my account?

When using LinkHelp, you just need to go to the extension settings and choose which limits you want to set