Welcome to the complete 2020 guide that will allow you to automate linkedin in order to get many more targeted visitors on your website or blog.

We will see later in this article all the procedures to apply to increase the number of visits tenfold according to the sector of activity of your choice using LinkedIn.

This will allow you to make many sales, to gain in popularity and notoriety but also to improve your referencing on search engines such as Google.

The techniques that I will deliver in this article are easily achievable and accessible to all audiences, you will be able to automatically canvass new prospects based on a very precise targeting, this will allow you to reach your core target in a few clicks.

Linkedin the network of opportunities

linkedin network

As you probably know, LinkedIn only very rarely communicates its own statistics, the platform has more than 610 million members worldwide,

More than 130,000 articles are created each month and more than 40% of the members present on the platform visit it every day.

Linkedin welcomes 105 million users per month, which corresponds to 23% of the total number of subscribers.

In France 16 million members are registered on Linkedin, which corresponds to almost half of the French working population.

Linkedin is the number 1 socio-professional network in the world, you will be able to find all the professions in all fields of activity. This platform is intended for entrepreneurs, company managers, employees, students, trainees, etc…

It allows you to create a quality network with members qualified in their field of activity. You will thus be able to reach your objectives more quickly.

If you want to get in touch with qualified people, promote a product or service, share content, write articles, post videos, etc., this is the platform to use.

We will see how we can use it to generate targeted clicks and at the same time increase your sales if you market a product or service.

Some techniques to increase your visibility on LinkedIn

guide LinkHelp

  • Optimize your profile
  • Increase the number of your relationships
  • Be active
  • Optimize your visuals
  • Feel free to ask for recommendations
  • Remember to use links to the profiles of your other social platforms.
  • Use an extension to automate your entire network → LinkHelp

It is essential to write a profile as convincing as possible, for that you can use the techniques I’m going to give you:

Think about regularly doing competitive intelligence on the most attractive profiles.

Add a convincing profile title (be clear and concise about the function you perform) that will allow your contacts to identify you easily and quickly, do not hesitate to let them know in which sector of activity you work.

Use your profile as a space where customers and prospects can access the presentation of your site or blog.

Expand your network as much as possible, add qualified people to improve your news feed.

Remember to look at the most used keywords. ( Boost SEO )

Find the best people to communicate

The first criterion for effective communication is undoubtedly the search for a quality network. It is true that if you communicate every day but you have not added the most qualified people it will have no impact on your communication.

Fortunately an extension like LinkHelp will allow you to add ultra-targeted connections according to very precise refinement criteria, this will allow you to get in touch with your target heart, all very quickly.

LinkHelp "add connections"

Indeed such an extension will allow you to add targeted profiles based on :

  • Keywords
  • Locations ( Cities, Countries, … )
  • Companies in which the profiles worked
  • Company in which the profiles work
  • A field of activity
  • A school in which the profiles studied
  • Profile language
  • Keywords to exclude (if one of these keywords is in the profile then it will not be added)
  • Connect with people who liked and/or commented on an article, video, post, etc.
  • Login with premium members only

features add new connections

All these selection criteria (to add a new relationship) will allow you to obtain a very precise targeting, you can easily and quickly add the profiles of your choice.

If you have a premium account then you will be able to add more than 400 new relationships per day (which corresponds to 2800 ultra-targeted connections per week).

Therefore, the members of your network will be highly interested in the content you have to offer them, and your interactions with them will be very quickly multiplied tenfold. Your visibility can increase exponentially since the members of your network will be in total correlation with the content you post.

After only one month, you will have reached more than 11,000 people who will be interested in your profile. Imagine the advantage of such an extension.

Send automatic messages to highly targeted profiles

Another major feature of the extension will allow you to send personalized messages based on the first and last name of each profile to which it is sent, this feature is called “Message Targeted Users”.

message targeted users

With the same filters as for adding new connections, you can send adaptive messages to highly targeted profiles, very simply. Thanks to predefined scripts some of the elements of your message will be able to adapt automatically according to the name, first name, company, etc. of the person to whom it is sent.

send automatic messages

This way you can save precious time in sending messages since you will no longer have to do it by hand.

The other great advantage of this feature, which for me is one of the most incredible elements, is the fact that you can attach an image as well as a file in your message.

Imagine all the possibilities this feature offers you.

You can for example attach a CV, the image of a business card, a graphic, as well as many other elements according to your desires.

add a file or image

Give your imagination free rein as to how to use it.

For example, if you have a website or a blog, you can directly redirect the most targeted members of your network to your site. So if you market a product or service you will see your sales increase tenfold in a very short time.

Automatic response to received messages

You can also do indirect marketing by scheduling automatic responses that are sent to you if you receive messages containing keywords that you have predefined, let me explain in more detail how to use the feature that allows you to respond to messages automatically.

Thank you “Auto Respond to Message”

auto respond messages

For example, if you receive a message containing a term related to a birthday, you will have the option to program an auto-reply message. So if you own a website or blog and you receive a message about it you can very well directly place a reply message thanking the person for taking an interest in your website with a link to it.

Edit  message LinkedIn

LinkHelp to get targeted visitors

You will have understood it, the LinkHelp extension allows you to generate many visits on your website, all these visits will be targeted very precisely and this will allow you to increase exponentially your visibility on the web.

The set of techniques that I was able to deliver during this article will allow you if for example you sell a product to explode your sales.

The extension is available for free so that you can get an idea of its many features, indeed LinkHelp has more than 12 very advanced features that will allow you very quickly to improve the quality of your network, but not only.

Here are some articles that will give you an idea of what you can do with this extension

Automate LinkedIn: https://fr.linkhelp.io/comment-automatiser-linkedin-extension/

Generate qualified leads: https://fr.linkhelp.io/generer-des-leads-avec-linkedin/