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If you want to become affiliate / reseller of our solution you need to register for free and have an active account.

That’s the only condition.

You will earn 30% on each subscription that you sell every month.

Example: Somebody buy from you a $15 subscription

Each month your customer pay $15 and you get $4.5.

If your customer keep is subscription 10 months that means    you will get $4.5 each month during 10 months. So in total      $45.

No hiddens rules

All you need to know

– You can see your earnings and stats in your affiliate dashboard.

– You can request your payout by email : affiliate@linkhelp.io

– We pay you by PayPal or bank transfer.

– You can not affiliate yourself. You can only affiliate different users

– Affiliate earnings doesn’t work on discounts offers.

– To avoid fraud and refunds we only payout 30days after your earnings. (ex: if you earn $50 the 02/15/2020 we will pay you the 03/15/2020)