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Add connections

Add connections feature was designed to help you build a network that suits your activity the most.
Choose by keywords, activities, location, interests (and many more parameters…) the people that you want to invite to join your network.
Create a custom private message that you will attach to your invitation. LinkHelp’s bot will replace “@firstname” by the name of the person that you are inviting.
Select the random time between each invitations. Then you are done, LinkHelp will automatically invite and send an invitation message to thousands of targeted people

Targeted messages

This Targeted-messages feature is a highly precise weapon. You can send a custom message to thousands of people in a very specific segment that you want to reach.

Here are some example of using this feature :
– It is very helpful to promote a product or service that you want to sell.
– If you are looking for a job you can send hundreds of message and drop your cv to the right persons.
– You can build an audience by sharing content to them or by giving them some valuable tips, ebooks.

Extract datas

You have already built your network, now you have thousands of connections.You want to keep and organise all the informations about your network, so the thing you need to do is to extract your connections datas. With our amazing Extract datas feature you can easily create datas excel-sheets that contain targeted profiles.Then you can get all emails, company addresses, and valuable informations that you can arrange into. LinkHelp scrap the linkedin profiles and also the websites of your connections.

Auto-respond messages

You can setup a custom “answer”, once someone send to you a message on Linkedin our bot will automatically reply by this personal answer.
You can use this feature to do “indirect marketing” techniques that works awesomely well. Here is an example :
Someone tells you : Hello Mike, I’m glad to join your network.
‍Your custom answer : Hello @firstname, (@firstname would be replace by the name of the person) thank you for your message. I see that you love golf me, I have a gift for you…(and you give him something).

That way you can see that is very powerful to sell or start building relationships.

Like posts & Comments

The Like feature is to like some specific posts, based on the keywords topics, connections and a lot of settings. The purpose of this feature is to show people that you care about there contents because you like their posts. It also helps you to increase the visibility of your profile because Linkedin algorithm likes to see profiles that interact a lot. Then you will be able to reach more people when you share a post.

Follow connections

Follow targeted people on Linkedin.

Endorse connections

Getting tons of endorsements will help you build trust and your personal branding. All you need to do is to set up our amazing endorse-profile feature. Our tool will give endorsement to all your connections and they will endorse you back. Now your prospect can have trust in you by checking your profile, people would know that you are a real expert in your skills.

Wish birthdays

Everyone appreciates receiving birthday wishes. Wish-birthdays features will automatically send a personal wish to all your connections on their birthday. As you must know marketing is all about emotions. Your network would love to see you care and interact with them. That’s a good way to give them a valuable give-away document such as ebooks. Or you can just then start easily a conversation to wide-up your network.