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Is LinkHelp safe for LinkedIn automation ?

Yes LinkHelp is safe for your LinkedIn account. Our tool has some limits and use always a random time. The features always act with a human behavior. Our solution is the only one without risk for your LinkedIn account.

Is LinkHelp a subscription ?

Yes, if you want to use our features without limits you have two choices:
– A monthly subscription (you pay each month)
– An annual subscription (you pay each year)
You have the possibility to stop and cancel your subscription whenever you want.

How to cancel my subscription ?

You can stop your subscription whenever you want by going on your billing tab.
Once you cancel your subscription you will not pay the next months or the next years.
You are free to stop and free to restart whenever you wish.
We don’t refund the months that you have already use.

How many LinkedIn account can I use ?

One LinkHelp subscription works only with one account.
In other words if you have 2 LinkedIn accounts you will need to get 2 LinkHelp subscriptions (if you want to use our solution for your 2 LinkedIn accounts)

What are the Affiliate / Reseller policies

– If you want to become affiliate / reseller of our solution you need to register and have an active account.
That’s the only condition.

– You will earn 30% on each subscription that you sell every month.

– Example: Somebody buy from you a $15 subscription

Each month your customer pay $15 and you get $4.5.

If your customer keep is subscription 10 months that means you will get $4.5 each month during 10 months. In total $45.

– You can see your earnings and stats in your affiliate dashboard.

– You can request your payout by email : affiliate@linkhelp.io

– We pay you by PayPal or bank transfer.

– You can not affiliate yourself. You can only affiliate different users

– Affiliate earnings doesn’t work on discounts offers.

– To avoid fraud and refunds we only payout 30days after your earnings. (ex: if you earn $50 the 02/15/2020 we will pay you the 03/15/2020)

– For more information about affiliate, click on the main menu above : “Become affiliate”

Wish you could have the best results.

LinkHelp Team.

How to get started for FREE ?

Start without credit card in 2 mins

Our solution is an extension available on Google Chrome browser or on Mozilla Firefox browser.

Before you get started make sure that you are currently on Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox browser.

STEP 1: If you are on the Google Chrome browser click on this link to download the extension :
Free trial

STEP 2: Download the extension, and activate it by accepting the blue button.
Now your LinkHelp extension is already installed.

STEP 3: Go on your linkedin.com and login your account. Then click on the extension on the up-right corner.

Now you are ready to discover all of our features for free during 3 days.

PS: You can watch the video if these steps are not clear enough

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